Earn More Income without Trading through CoinEx Financial Account!

1. An easy way to deposit coins and earn interest

After transferring idle assets to their financial accounts, users will receive revenues yielded by their financial accounts every day. The interest will be calculated on the second day of transfer and credited to the financial account on the third day. Just deposit coins and earn interest. So easy!

2. Daily compound interest settled on a daily basis

The compound interest on assets will be automatically credited to users’ financial accounts every day, and will generate interest the next day.

3. Deposit and withdrawals anytime without a threshold

Usually, the transfers of assets are processed in real-time, with no limit on the minimum deposit or the number of times of deposits and withdrawals. Just deposit and withdraw coins at any time you want!

  1. Visit www.coinex.com through a browser, and sign in with your CoinEx account (Please complete KYC certification first if you are not a KYC user, or you cannot use the financial account). Then click [Assets] and select [Financial Account] in the drop-down box.
  1. Click [Transfer] on the Financial Account page;



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