Ethereum’s Dencun Upgrade: Layer 2 Solutions Scaling New Heights

3 min readFeb 8, 2024

Ethereum’s highly anticipated Dencun upgrade is set to unlock immense opportunities for Layer 2 scaling solutions. Let’s examine some of the top Layer 2 protocols poised to capitalize on Dencun’s capabilities.

At its core, Dencun turbocharges Layer 2 via EIP-4844, introducing Blobs to boost throughput and lower fees. This dramatically strengthens Ethereum Layer 2 compared to alternative Layer 1. However, competition between Layer 2 will intensify as they vie for market share.

Arbitrum: The Biggest Winner

Arbitrum has consistently led Ethereum Layer 2 in protocol count and ecosystem richness. Its flourishing derivatives sector and incubation of top gaming ecosystems like Treasure DAO are unmatched.

According to DefiLlama, Arbitrum boasts 524 protocols — the 3rd highest of all chains. Its TVL stands at $2.6B — the 4th highest of all protocols. L2Beat data shows Arbitrum processed 28M txs in the past 30 days — 2nd only to zkSync.

Given its existing dominance in higdh-throughput sectors like gaming and derivatives, Arbitrum emerges as the biggest Dencun beneficiary. Enhanced performance allows developers to focus more on innovations than Layer 2 limitations. This virtuous cycle will likely spawn even more leading protocols on Arbitrum.

Optimism: Custom Blockchains for All

Despite lagging Arbitrum in volumes, Optimism takes a creative approach via OP Stack — enabling projects to launch fully customizable, interoperable blockchains with one click. Major adopters include Coinbase’s Base Chain, BNB Chain’s opBNB, and notable projects like Worldcoin and DeBank.

Dencun’s upgrades will also extend to these OP Stack-based SuperChains, further cementing Optimism’s position.

Beyond the Leaders: Three L2 Segment

Apart from the top two, other Layer 2 contenders warrant attention, especially pre-token protocols. The L2 landscape can be broadly segmented into three categories:

  • ZK Rollups — higher development complexity but powerful tech (zkSync, Starknet)
  • Exchange-backed Layers (Mantle, Base) — deep resources
  • Buzzworthy L2 Innovations (Metis, Manta, Blast) — rising stars

Each segment stands to gain from Dencun’s gas and performance improvements. We should see intensifying competition as protocols refine their value proposition to emerge as leaders.

Leveraging Dencun’s Data Availability

Dencun’s Blob data structure provides temporary Layer 2 data availability before deletion in a month. Though the value of this data is still uncertain, on-chain data is hugely strategic in crypto.

Thus, decentralized storage networks will likely compete heavily to leverage Blob data. This includes incumbents like Filecoin and Arweave, and newer solutions purpose-built for data availability like EigenDA and EthStorage. Their complementary capabilities can help power a rich data economy on Ethereum.

Applications Poised to Capitalize on Dencun

With Dencun supercharging Layer 2 performance, high-volume sectors like gaming and derivatives lead the pack in opportunities.

For derivatives, order book models have always faced L2 limitations like low liquidity and high slippage, deterring professional traders. Dencun’s gas and performance optimizations enable order book protocols to flourish, ushering in more adoption. Trading volumes on decentralized derivatives exchanges will likely surge, closing the gap with centralized platforms.

For gaming, eliminating throughput bottlenecks unlocks the path for truly decentralized and interactively immersive game experiences. We can expect to see the next evolution of blockchain gaming thrive on Ethereum Layer 2.


Dencun represents a watershed moment for Ethereum by significantly bolstering Layer 2 capabilities. The resulting boost in performance, reduced costs, and data availability will unleash a new wave of innovation across Ethereum’s burgeoning Layer 2 landscape. This upgrade cements Ethereum’s market leadership and expands possibilities for builders and users alike as the platform strides steadily into the 2.0 era.

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