Explanation of CET Airdrop Event

2 min readJul 8, 2020


Dear CoinEx users:

Recently CoinEx held CET Airdrop event where users could receive up to 398 CET after completing the tasks. Due to a lot of queries related to the event, we would like to make an official detailed explanation for your better understanding.



You will receive 199 CET token for the first three tasks


  • Trade at least once before 20 July, and you will get another 199 CET (OPTIONAL)

Note: We will manually check all participants, Unfinished will not get any token and this airdrop is only for new users.

If you complete first three mandatory tasks, you will be eligible for our airdrop and get 199 CET and If you complete all tasks, you will get total 398 CET.

Limited for first 2000 participants

Q: How will event rewards be distributed?
A: After completing all the tasks under the guidance of the Telegram Bot and submitting your registered account, CoinEx will review the tasks and distribute the reward by July 30 officially .

Q: How to verify that a new user had deposited 50 USDT worth tokens?
A: CoinEx’s system will automatically verify if deposition amount meets the requirement. We will calculate the deposition amount based on the highest price of the cryptocurrency on the day you deposit your coins into CoinEx. For example, a user deposit 5 ABCcoins in July 10 and the highest price of the ABCcoin that day is 10 USDT, then you will meet the requirement.

Question 3: Do I need to hold 50 USDT until the event ends?
A: No, you don’t have to hold until the end. You just need to finish the deposit and you will get the rewards for task 1. And if you trade once time(no limit about the transaction amount, you will get the rewards for task 2.

Event link: https://t.me/CETAirdrop_Bot