Flexible Investment & Low Risks: CoinEx’s Financial Account Supports 10 More Cryptos

1. Earn interests from crypto deposits through simple steps

On CoinEx, you can earn daily interests simply by transferring your idle assets from the spot account to the financial account. It is noteworthy that the accruement of interest will not begin until the second day after assets are deposited, and the returns will be distributed to your account on the third day. With Financial Account, you can earn interest from crypto deposits through simple steps!

2. Daily distribution of compound interests

CoinEx’s Financial Account offers compound interests, which will be automatically deposited into your financial account after they are distributed. In addition, the daily interest income will be included in the confirmed amount and used for the calculation of next-day interest income.

3. On-demand deposit/withdrawal with no threshold

Assets in the spot account are normally transferred to/from the financial account in real time. With no minimum deposit requirements, Financial Account sets no limit on the number of deposits/withdrawals you can make. In Financial Account, you can experience convenient services without any threshold and benefit from flexible wealth management that truly supports on-demand deposits/withdrawals!

4. Straightforward display of returns and PNL analysis

On CoinEx, you can manage your wealth in three simple steps through Financial Account. Moreover, the exchange’s PNL analysis offers a comprehensive review of your profits/losses, which will help you better choose the type of cryptos to be deposited into the financial account.



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