How to Get Transaction Fees on CSC in OneSwap? Check this Beginner’s Guide!

OneSwap is a fully decentralized transaction protocol based on smart contracts. It does not require permission to list cryptos, supports both AMM and the order book, and improves user interaction through the built-in OneSwap Wallet, providing a one-stop transaction experience.

The CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) is a decentralized and highly efficient public chain created by the CoinEx public chain team for decentralized finance. It can maintain extremely high TPS and low transaction fees while being perfectly compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem.

The CSC mainnet is supported by OneSwap, in a move to provide users with more diversified trading services. Currently, OneSwap supports four public chains: ETH, Tron, BNB, and HT. Users can switch between the public chains as needed.

How to use CSC on OneSwap? Now follow us and step by step.

I. Connect to CSC and create a wallet

First, visit through an explorer, click Select Chain in the upper left corner, and select [CSC];

OneSwap supports three ways of wallet connection: OneSwap Wallet, MetaMask, and WalletConnect. Here we take OneSwap Wallet as an example;

First, select OneSwap wallet. Select OneSwap Wallet, enter [Wallet ID] and [Password], and click [Connect] to connect to OneSwap.

II. How to create a new liquidity pool (trading pair) in OneSwap and become the first liquidity provider of the pool?

When you create a new liquidity pool (trading pair), you will be the first liquidity provider of the pool, and the proportion of tokens added will determine the initial price.

Here we will connect to Metamask, and take the creation of a DAI/CET liquidity pool as an example:

1. Before creating a new liquidity pool, transfer the DAI and CET you have to the wallet address connected to MetaMask through [Receive];

2. Select a token:

Click [Pool] and then [Create]. Click [Select Token]. It is suggested that you enter the “address” to search the token. Confirm the token and contract address, and then select the token;

3. Set the initial price and the ratio

For example, set the initial price of DAI/CET at 0.1 (i.e. 0.1 DAI=1 CET, 1 DAI=10 CET ), and add 1 DAI and 10 CET as liquidity, as below:

You can click [Swap order (Disable Limit Order)] in [Advanced Settings] as needed, and click [Disable Limit Order] (disabled by default) after confirmation;

4. Confirm the information and authorize the transaction

After confirming the information of the new liquidity pool, click [Create] to [Authorize] the tokens of the pool respectively, and then wait for confirmation from CSC;

After the authorization is completed, click [Create] again, check the information and click [Confirm] in the wallet. Now you have successfully created a new liquidity pool in OneSwap;

Finally, you can view the created liquidity pool in [My Liquidity].

III. How to add liquidity to the OneSwap liquidity pool and gain revenue?

1. Add liquidity

Users can enjoy 60% of the transaction fees as a reward after they add liquidity to the pool on OneSwap! So how to add liquidity?

First, select [Pool] in the navigation bar, click [Add Liquidity] and then [Select Token]. Take ONES/CET for example. Enter the [Quantity] of liquidity to add, and click [Add] after confirmation;

Click [Add] and wait for confirmation from the CSC network (first authorization confirmation). Set a reasonable Gas Fee, click [Add] to proceed. Then go to the connected wallet to reconfirm the swap details, click [Confirm] to authorize to complete the swap;

OneSwap will adjust the gas fee in real-time according to the congestion, so you’re suggested to choose “Recommended”.

2. Remove liquidity

Click [Remove Liquidity], enter the liquidity “%” that needs to be withdrawn, and click [Remove] after confirmation. Similarly, set a reasonable Gas Fee, and confirm the authorization content. Liquidity will be successfully removed after being confirmed by the block.

IV. How to trade with the market/limit price in OneSwap?

1. Market (Swap) trading

Click to enter the [Trade] page, and then select [Swap] in the trading type. Here we take ONES/CET as an example. Set [Buy Amount] or [Sell Amount], confirm the [Price Information] note, and click [Buy] or [Sell] after confirmation.

Click [Swap] on Swap page and click [Confirm] in the connected wallet to wait for the confirmation to complete the swap.

2. Limit trading

Select [Limit Order] in the trading type. Here we still take ONES/CET as an example. Set [Buy Price] or [Sell Price], and click [Buy] or [Sell] after confirmation.

Click [Authorize] on Swap page and click [Confirm] in the connected wallet to wait for the confirmation to complete the swap.

Click [Order] on the Limit Order page, and click [Confirm] after authorization confirmation.

V. How to swap tokens (multi-jump) in OneSwap?
Swap is an automatic liquidity agreement. There is no need to bid or match transactions, and there are no centralized organizations or facilities to guarantee transactions. Controlled by a smart contract, each capital pool supports operations such as swapping tokens and increasing liquidity.

Here we take an example of exchanging CET into ONES for illustration. Suppose there is no direct trading pair for ONES/CET, but we can exchange CET into USDT first and then exchange USDT into ONES. The process of swapping tokens via multiple trading pairs is called “multi-jump”.

Click [Select Token] on the [Swap] page

Take the swap from 10 CET to some ONES as an example. Here are the settings:

Click [Swap] on the Swap page and click [Confirm] in the connected wallet to wait for the confirmation to complete the swap.

OneSwap does not require permission or list fees to list cryptos and supports AMM. It also supports the traditional order book model while ensuring fast swap, and its user-friendly experience caters to the traditional transaction habits. CSC on OneSwap has also driven the DeFi ecosystem construction on the platform, introducing more application scenarios to OneSwap. When you provide liquidity for the pool on CSC, you can also enjoy 60% of transaction fees as rewards! Isn’t it nice? Go to CSC on OneSwap and enjoy the huge rewards now!

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