Hydro & CoinEx AMA Recap

Question 1: @digitalhitchhiker on Telegram

How large is the Hydro team and how quickly are you growing? Or hope to grow over the next year?

Question 2: @Syntaxx7 on Telegram

Hello hydro devs. Aside from your roadmap/planned projects/product, do you have an additional product in mind to add, when all are successfully release?

Question 3: @Subkarnas on Telegram

Hi guys, can you please tell me how Hydro 2fa can benefit exchanges like CoinEx? Also would there be an impact on trading when using Hydro 2fa compared to Google authenticator?

Question 4: @SheriUcar on Telegram

How is Hydro different to other coins? what is it’s purpose and main function?

Question 5: @rhythm_doctor on Telegram

Will CoinEX be implementing the HYDRO raindrop app for its users?

Question 6: @TechMashido on Telegram

How hydro’s identity related product is different from Civic?

Question 7: @NatzuPlay on Telegram

What is the difference between the civic and the hydro snowflake? Since both of them is on identity.

Question 8: @onay7 on Telegram

Hey hydro team. how do you manage such big jobs with so few people?

Question 9: @tuando93 on Telegram

Can you let us know about the advantage of Hydro Authentication than Google Authentication?

Question 10: @Kitey on Telegram

Mike, you are often seen on telegram answering questions late in the day and then back again early in the morning. Do you not need sleep or are you actually an advanced AI developed by Matthew?

Question 11: @Eternal1k on Telegram

What exactly is the reasoning that you are keeping Hedgeable separate from Hydrogen? Couldn’t they both benefit one another and complement each others strengths?

Question 12: @cocototty on Telegram

When you burn some of hydro?



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