Introducing CoinEx Dock: All-new Services to Streamline Crypto Investment & Fundraising

3 min readApr 16, 2022


Over recent years, as the industry grows bigger, crypto investment & fundraising have surged in terms of both frequency and amount. Meanwhile, plenty of innovative projects have appeared. Despite that, only a handful of projects can receive large investments from institutional investors, and most projects suffer from insufficient funds in their infancy.

In the meantime, though many investors wish to invest in promising projects for high returns, retail investors are daunted by the investment threshold of the primary market. As a result, promising projects lack access to funds, while retail investors can hardly invest in them. Committed to making crypto trading easier, CoinEx has launched a new platform to help projects raise funds while lowering the investment threshold for retail investors.

CoinEx Dock has been launched on the CoinEx website on April 8. As an all-new service segment for crypto investment & fundraising, CoinEx Dock focuses on identifying and remodeling promising projects to meet the increasingly diversified demands among crypto investors. It creates a sound fundraising and promotion platform for outstanding, innovative projects and provides fair, convenient opportunities to invest in such projects.

Eligible projects may reach out to CoinEx through CoinEx Dock on its official website. After rigorous assessment, the exchange will choose an appropriate date to list such projects on CoinEx Dock, thereby providing subscription channels for investors while allowing projects to raise initial funds.

Meanwhile, users can invest in a project through CoinEx Dock during the subscription period. CoinEx Dock provides detailed project information and subscription rules on its webpage. To sign subscription agreements and start subscribing, CoinEx users must first complete the KYC authentication and upgrade their account to VIP 1 or a higher VIP level. During the subscription period, users need to stake a certain amount of CET as collateral. Before the subscription period ends, all subscribed shares can be canceled at any time, and the funds and collateral will be returned to the user’s spot account.

However, since premium projects are less accessible and more profitable, they might be frequently oversubscribed. Therefore, CoinEx Dock will conduct a lottery based on the slots of subscription and the total subscription. After the lottery ends, the staked assets will be automatically returned to users’ Spot Account. Users who won the lottery can get the subscribed tokens. The payment and staked assets will be returned for those who missed the lottery. If a user has more than one subscription and only part of it won the lottery, he will only be charged for the winning part while the rest of the payment and staked asset will be automatically returned to his spot Account.

CoinEx Dock features simple procedures and a low threshold in terms of the funding amount. It creates a secure fundraising platform for outstanding projects and allows most users to invest in such projects. CoinEx Dock provides a simple, secure, and accessible investment channel for more users who plan to invest in the crypto world.

Over recent years, CoinEx has continued to gather innovative, premium assets and adopted strict coin-listing criteria, with a focus on value discovery. CoinEx now offers over 500 premium cryptos and nearly 1,000 trading markets. On CoinEx, users can trade assets based on different ecosystems (e.g. AVAX, SOL, LUNA, and FTM) and receive impressive returns. As of March 7, LUNA has surged by 16,211.43%, SOL by 3,757.17%, and AVAX by 1,507.6%, since their listing on CoinEx, which allows more investors to stay ahead of peers.

Dock, where the grand voyage sets off, is now the start in the Age of Crypto Discovery, leading the quality projects to the doorstep of global users. In the future, CoinEx Dock will bring the quality cryptos into users’ premier focus with simple crypto trading services. Through the platform, the exchange will meet all demands for both investment and trade and help outstanding projects raise funds with ease. As it sets sail to the Crypto Metaverse and beyond, CoinEx will explore the future growth of the industry and share the blockchain benefits with users and crypto practitioners