Key takeaways of CoinEx Ambassador Program _ AMA with Eddie Jiang, CMO of CoinEx

7 min readMar 17, 2020


On 10 March, 2020, CoinEx announced its new Ambassador Program, which attracted a lot of attention. Eddie Jiang, the CMO of CoinEx, conducted an Ask-me-anything session in CoinEx official telegram group ( on 12 Mar, and covered a lots issues that community members cared most.

According to Eddie, CoinEx ambassadors are CoinEx’s global partners, and by launching this, it is hoped that more people with enthusiasm in blockchain and cryptocurrency will have a chance to contribute to the industry.

The difference between CoinEx Ambassador Program and other similar programs is very easy to be noticed. There are four types of ambassadors, namely Marketing Ambassador, Operation Ambassador, Referral Ambassador and Business Ambassador. Applicants can apply to either one at their own will and choices. “We want to give full play to each one’s own strengths,” Eddie said during the AMA.

In addition to provide ambassadors a chance to best utilize their own expertise, CoinEx also has a very generous rewarding system. Among some conventional incentives such as commission ratios and promotion funds, the most stand-out one is that ambassadors could receive monthly salary, making them just like CoinEx’s staff. According to Eddie, the monthly salary could be up to 10,000 USD per month! It without doubt could attract more suitable applicants and demonstrate CoinEx’s sincerity.

However, being entitled with monthly salary as full time staff doesn’t mean that ambassadors need to work in a full time manner. CoinEx doesn’t require specific working days or hours. “Ambassadors can work according to their own schedules, as long as they could complete tasks on time.”

Another thing that worth noticing is that, when being asked whether CoinEx will open offline offices worldwide, Eddie said it took a lot of plannings and preparations, but CoinEx would definitely do that in the future. “If we open local offline offices, we will hire the local ambassador first. That’s no doubt.”

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to check more details and send your applications at

Below is the full transcript, which has been slightly edited for clarification.

1. Why do we need CoinEx Ambassadors? What’s the main goal and vision of this program?

Eddie: For CoinEx, 2020 is the year of global expansion and we target to cover at least 10 different language speaking markets, so we need more experts who are familiar with local markets to help us with that.

CoinEx ambassadors are our global partners, and we will work closely together to build a world’s top cryptocurrency exchange. This also allows more people to participate in the construction of the blockchain industry and contribute to the popularization of cryptocurrencies.

2. There are four types of ambassadors with different rankings. Why and how do you come with this idea?

Eddie: We want to give full play to each one’s own strengths, so we set up four different types of ambassadors. You can apply for any category that suit you best, and cooperate with CoinEx in the area which can best utilize your personal expertise.

Ranking system is to provide ambassadors a better participation experience and to have them more involved. Just like playing video games, an aim for upgrading will encourage ambassadors to complete the tasks faster and better.

3. Can I apply for different types of Ambassadors?

Eddie: I am sorry I have to say “no”. You can only apply for one type of ambassador, however, you are always welcome to do tasks of other categories! We will rank ambassadors based on the tasks they do. More rewards for more works.

4. What will CoinEx Ambassadors get from you?

Eddie: We have a very generous rewarding system! What differentiate us from other project is that you will get monthly salary as an ambassador. The monthly salary is based on the ranking, and it could be up to $10,000!

Besides, high commission ratios, promotion funds, custom certificates and gifts, participation in offline activities as VIP, internal testing of new products, etc, are provided.

Don’t hesitate to send your applications now and you will discover more.

5. Could ambassador support another exchanges and be involved in another projects?

Eddie: Sure, we welcome every suitable person with relevant skills to be our ambassadors, and will reward our ambassadors based on the quantity and quality of tasks completed. However, everyone has limited energy and time, so please make sure that you could handle it when you are involved in different projects and with different exchanges.

6. What are your selection criteria for being Coinex Ambassador? Do you required degrees or applicants have to be CET holders?

Eddie: We don’t require degrees, to us, experience and resources are more important. CET holding is not necessary, however, big CET holders are preferred. We have some selection criteria, such as having a blockchain group, with capability of cryptocurrencies research, experienced in promoting crypto exchanges, and you can apply with any one of them met. Please visit our homepage for more details:

7. How many working days and hrs. required?

Eddie: CoinEx Ambassador can be regarded as a freelance job and we don’t require specific working days or hours. Ambassadors can work according to their own schedules, as long as they could complete tasks on time.

8. By opening the ambassador program, will CoinEx also have plan to open the offline offices worldwide too?

Eddie: Yes of course we have the plan! But it needs a lot of plannings and preparations. So let’s take one step at a time, and ambassadors are just our offline colleagues around the world! We will fully dedicated to being a resource and backup to support our ambassadors.

If we open local offline offices, we will hire the local ambassador first. That’s no doubt.

9. Can you share with us how to be come a great CoinEx Ambassador?

Eddie: First, choose the ambassador that fully fit your expertise and resources; Second, get to know the products;Third, understanding your customers

10. Do you have plan to meet in person all the qualified ambassadors?

Eddie:I will try, at least we can talk through Telegram or Zoom. Besides, I will attend meet-ups that hosted by our ambassador. That is a good chance we can talk face to face. Besides, I need your feedbacks about the local market and users

11. how to know my position in Platinum silver?and how to grow our that base?

Eddie:Ambassadors will be rated by their tasks and contributions. Rankings are determined by the quantity and quality of tasks completed by ambassadors. Take the Marketing Ambassador as an example, we will evaluate the rankings by some criteria such as number of fans of SNS accounts, how many activities organized, the events’ influence, etc.

12. Are CoinEx ambassadors entitles with Marketing funds for them to use for promotional materials and attends local events?

Eddie:We have funds for marketing ambassadors. Ambassadors can apply for offline events funding by submitting activity proposals, and we will evaluate them. If the proposal is good, it will get our approval. After events are successfully held and the acceptance reports are provided, we will release funding to the Ambassadors’ accounts.

13. For Referral Ambassador, are referral users need to trade for rise up ranking or need sign-up only?

Eddie:Sign-up is the first step, we will also evaluate the percentage of trading users among the referral users

14. How if any ambassador has a bad performance?

Eddie:If an ambassador is incompetent, for example, his or her rating remains the lowest (Bronze) for two consecutive quarters, sadly that he or she won’t be our ambassador anymore. Leave the chance for those who are competent

15. Are you planning to cooperate with people in Vietnam in the future?

Eddie:Of course we have the plan! We welcome Vietnam ambassadors and let’s together make CoinEx stands out in Vietnam!

16. How many ambassadors currently you have?

Eddie:Over 100 applications for the first day when we open application.

17. Did you recruit all?

Eddie:Not all. Some did not fill out the complete information.

18. Do ambassadors will have a weekly conference call with the CoinEx Team? So that we can execute the plan as best as it is.

Eddie:Will do. and ambassadors can reach the team anytime

19. How many ambassadors you want to recruit from one country?

Eddie:I have to say if there are too many applications from one country, we will select those that are suitable for the tasks. So apply ASAP, you will get a better chance