CoinEx & Xaya AMA Recap, 21 April, 2021

On April 21st 2021, CoinEx and Xaya held joint AMA. Andrew Colosimo, Xaya Founder, answered users’ questions about unique features of Xaya, blockchain and roadmap. Enjoy!;-)

Q1. Could you please introduce yourself and Xaya to our community?

Andrew: My name is Andrew Colosimo and I’m one of the founders of Xaya.
Myself and my team have been involved in blockchain gaming since we created Huntercoin, which was the first blockchain game in 2013.
Huntercoin is it’s own blockchain with a game world or MMO running on top of it. It was created as an experiment and to be supported for one year, however due to the unstoppable nature of blockchain, it is still running today.
Xaya is the evolution of this technology. It’s an opensource permissionless blockchain designed to host fully decentralized game worlds.

Q2. Could you please explain what is Xaya all about and tell what features of your project make it ahead of the competitors?

Andrew: Xaya is a blockchain designed for fully decentralized game worlds (or universes). It solves scalability issues for bother game world complexity and performance using 2 different techniques.
For ultra complex game worlds we solve this by separating the state computation away from consensus. This means we can have games which are as complex as any centralized game but with the security of blockchain.
This is something not currently possible on other chains, for example like Ethereum, because on Ethereum every node must compute the state of every smart contract, it means computation is very expensive.
Using our technology, only those who are interested in computing the state of a game world need to compute it, not every node.
Our second solution — for scaling — Gaming Channels > is a peer reviewed technology that works similar to payment channels (like lightening).
This allows for games to be played in “Real-time” with unlimited transactions per second between players without costing fees and without spamming the blockchain. Only 1 tx is required to start a channel, and 1 to join, yet there could be a game played within billions of txs between the players, without bloating the chain.
And, as those channels are independent, there can be an unlimited amount of channels running at the same time.
The way it works is — instead of me sending every move to the blockchain in a game of chess, I just sign my move and the state (the chessboard) to you, and you do the same to me. In the end I can prove I have won because I have your signed moves, and if you try to cheat I can prove it and automatically win.

Q3. How did you find out about CoinEx and why did you want to be listed here?

Andrew: I’ve heard about CoinEx for quite some time, have been following the team, and have been in discussions with team also for some time. We also are the maintainers of Namecoin (the first altcoin, a project we have supported for near 10 years) and CoinEx has Namecoin listed on there too, and I believe also merged mines Namecoin too via ViaBTC pool (or used to). I’m hoping Xaya will also be merged mined eventually too.

I like the professional attitude of CoinEx and the effort put in to each project launch on the exchange, the friendly team, and…. the AMM feature is the best thing I’ve experienced on any exchange.

Q4. Looking back, what was the best/worst decision you made in the last years?

Andrew: Not sure if you mean with regards to Xaya or crypto in general.
But in crypto, my worse decision was selling 1000s of bitcoins I mined in 2011 (99% of my assets). I sold them at the ATH of $30.. quite painful, however this is the same story for a lot of people.

With regards to Xaya, one thing which may have been a bad decision was to hold out on running the ICO for the project until 2018. We were a little bit worried regarding legal issues and KYC so did not launch in 2017, potentially we could have raised a lot more money… however, I believe it has allowed us to run more streamlined and lean, and allowed us to get to were we are today with determination and enthusiasm.

Best decision? Probably starting the project itself. We are really interested in what blockchain gaming can become.
We think its inevitable that there will be fully decentralized virtual realities were everyone can be who they want to be, free from censorship but still unable to break the laws of that game universe.
Something I did not mention early — Xaya games are:

Censorship Resistant
Provably Fair (no cheating)

All these features are what Bitcoin brought to the world, and although there can be some baby steps and middle ground when it comes to blockchain gaming, such as storing assets on the blockchain (as NFTs) and the games themselves being centralized, we think the ultimate end goal is fully decentralized game universes that cannot be shutdown.

Q5. Can you tell us more about how you adapt your products to a global audience?

Andrew: Our technology itself, and SDK is designed in a way that a game developer does not need any blockchain experience. They can code games in any language they wish as opposed to being fixed to one language (or even a new one).
For the end user / gamers themselves, there is still some learning to be done for the unexperienced blockchain gamer. They need to store their seed phrase or private keys…

Other than that, we have designed the infrastructure so that a player need only click the game to run it, like any other game, and then they can play without seeing or knowing anything about blockchain itself. They do have a balance (how much crypto they have in that game) however so do most MMOs, and this sort of concept is not new to experienced gamers.
The way we allow games to run without knowing any blockchain “stuff”, is by giving users 2 options when they first start a game:
1. Lite Mode — this uses a lite wallet and trusts our centralized servers (or their own) to provide the states of the game world. By doing this they don’t need to know anything about blockchain and the game will instantly start without syncing.
2. Advanced mode — this is for those who care about decentralization, and will probably be the option people will chose once the value of their in-game assets increase. It’s also resistant to all the issues with centralized systems.

Q6. Could you give us some idea on what the Xaya roadmap looks like over the next few months?

Andrew: basics :

1. Soccer Manager Elite > open beta round 4 in 2 months. SM Elite is a Football Management MMO. Every club and every player is a DAO. It has a built in DEX, and is pretty ground breakling.

2. Taurion — fully decentralized MMORTS > Beta in September

3. We will be expanding into the Ethereum ecosystem in a couple of months to bring Xaya technology there as well. This plan is already in motion and for this we now have WrappedCHI on Ethereum. More news on this in the coming weeks.

And some more things:

About Xaya

Xaya is an open source project maintained by Autonomous Worlds Ltd.

The history of Xaya starts back when team members became involved in the Namecoin project in 2011, and became voluntary leads in the project in 2013. Later on the team would fork Namecoin and build the world’s first blockchain game, Huntercoin.

In October 2016 the founders started the “Chimaera project”, which was rebranded in early 2018 as “Xaya”.

In Q2 2018 the Xaya blockchain went live and its first MVP game launched, Treat Fighter by Tricky Fast studios.

In 2020 the team is aiming to release the world’s most complex blockchain game, Taurion





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