Pioneering the Development of Crypto-based Financial Derivatives, CoinEx Introduces Multiple USDT-margined Perpetual Contracts

3 min readNov 9, 2021


USDT-margined perpetual contracts first appeared in August 2018. Within just three years, these contracts have achieved rapid development. The most prominent feature of perpetual contracts is that there is no expiry or settlement date, and investors can hold them indefinitely. Driven by the advantage of zero settlement, perpetual contracts continued to evolve, growing into one of the most popular products in the market of crypto-based financial derivatives in 2021.

Amid frequent reports of bullish factors, many crypto investors started to engage in contract trading, and an increasing number of crypto trading platforms began to focus on the market development of perpetual contracts. This charming financial derivative has thus fully entered the spotlight.

CoinEx makes its move: Pioneering the market of financial derivatives with the launch of multiple USDT-margined perpetual contracts

The leading crypto trading platforms have all started to pursue USDT-margined perpetual contracts, which has led to a market dominated by multiple strong players, including CoinEx, a world-leading crypto exchange.

To achieve innovative product breakthroughs, CoinEx has adopted many innovative measures in the market of USDT-margined perpetual contracts. Focusing on this niche market, the exchange launched 10 markets for USDT-margined contracts. After less than two months of product R&D, CoinEx has taken one step further and introduced another 15 markets for USDT-margined contracts.

With these moves, CoinEx offers trading services of USDT-margined contracts with a complete range, fine user experiences, and ease of use, thus earning global recognition. With its steady progress in the market, CoinEx is very like to lead the market of perpetual contracts.

With keen insights and solid strength, CoinEx may become the “biggest winner” amidst the market boom of perpetual contracts

From spot trading through contract trading to contract innovation, the changing market trends put the crypto trading platforms to the test in terms of their vision and competence.

Without strategic vision and deep crypto insights, institutions will struggle to keep up with the latest crypto development. It is worth mentioning that CoinEx is backed by a team of crypto veterans and early investors, with crypto expertise in both technology R&D and global operation. As a result, CoinEx has successfully seized the first-mover advantage relying on its unique strategic vision, and gathered strong momentum in the race among crypto trading platforms for dominance in perpetual contracts.

Similarly, CoinEx’s strong risk control performance and outstanding products offer a secure and reliable trading environment for users and help them quickly seize the right timing for trade in the contract market.

In 2021, the crypto market has gone through many twists and turns. Major crypto exchanges have flocked to the segment of perpetual contracts, with CoinEx leading the race. The soaring market share shows that having passed the test with its unique insight and solid strength, now CoinEx is on its way toward being one of the most popular crypto trading platforms.

See the full announcement on CoinEx official website here.