Recap on CoinEx & YUSRA GLOBAL AMA Feb 3, 2021

On February 3rd 2021, CoinEx hosted an AMA with Artur Prints, Co-founder of YUSRA GLOBAL, on “Your Unique System of Real Assets”. Artur answered questions from the CoinEx community and talked about YUSRA’s unique features, ecosystem and development plans.

Here is the full transcript, which has been slightly edited for clarification.

Q1.Can you please introduce yourself and YUSRA briefly to our community?

Artur: I joined cryptocurrency world in 2016 as a common miner and started to explore the market deeply everyday. In 2017 i left my common work and dedicated whole time for the crypto. At this moment I own a crypto-marketing agency, crypto-development agency and participate in 4 crypto-projects. Our portfolio for the last 3 years consists of more than 30 clients.

YUSRA is without a doubt one of the best crypto projects of 2019! Started on September 1st in 2019 we raised to top #250 cmc in less than 2 years. At this moment we got more than 50 000 community across the globe and working ecosystem which is scale and grow day by day

Q2.YUSRA has achieved high results and a rapid growth in popularity, can you share with us the secrets of success?

Artur: The main secret of YUSRA success is in its community and very professional economical model. Traditional online marketing is not working that well like it was in 2017/18, so for YUSRA in early stages we worked more in offline mode. YUSRA ambassadors, known as a Node’s leaders as well spread a word regarding our crypto every day and scale our community with a high percent of personal dedication. As for the economical model, YUSRA got a reverse emission from 100% to 0%, from 40 000 000 YUSRA to 0. Each million which is “mined” from the system wallet by users starts a halving process which decreases a staking ratio by 10%. By now we already had 15 halvings out of 30.

Q3.We know that YUSRA has its own ecosystem and several products. Can you introduce the services a bit and how they empower each other? Which service is your main focus?

Artur: YUSRA ecosystem represents in several services, like:

YUSRA Pay — payment system where you can top your mobile phone balance with a YUSRA, pay internet, TV bills and other straight inside the wallet.

YUSRA p2p — OTC exchange for users inside the wallet. Easy, fast, secure by the platform. For now there is only a Russian banking available all together with Kazakhstan. But, there is a crypto-crypto domain where you can exchange YUSRA to USDT.

YUSRA Marketplace — simple p2p-format market there you can buy goods with a YUSRA or sell something from yourself and obtain a coin. For 2021 we have a huge piece of development dedicated to this service — it will be multi-currency, worldwide and a legal entity.

YUSRA Lottery — upcoming gaming platform with lottery games based on blockchain. To be honest, we are almost ready to release it and I think it will be a very attractive service not only for the YUSRA community, but for all. Transparent and fair lottery with guarantees based on blockchain and a good % of prize pool. We release this domain to expand Asian and European markets.

On top of that, we invest money in new IT-startups and real-business to generate a passive income for holding.

Q4.As the native token, what role does YUSRA play in the entire ecosystem? How about its value capture ability?

Artur: YUSRA is a fuel of our ecosystem and main currency inside. It has an end-point emission without any option to add any token in the ratio of 40 000 000. 30 of them are placed inside system wallet and dedicated to our investors as a dividend for keeping YUSRA tokens. It is just like an imitation of PoS mining inside our web wallet. We sold 4 000 000 YUSRA in 2019 for initial investors and now more than 20 000 active wallets stake nearly 19,7 millions of YUSRA to receive dividends from the system wallet which sends daily at 03 UTC.

Q5.The charm of DeFi lies in its decentralized characteristics that can improve transaction efficiency while ensuring that each step is open and transparent. However, constant hacker thefts amid the DeFi boom have once again warned investors of the security risks facing DeFi smart contracts. What will you do to ensure the safety of users’ assets?

Artur: We got more than 120 hack attempts to our platform till today and none of them were successful. Combination of Waves blockchain and our large network-security nodes system is very strong against any type of attacks. However, there is a new main goal for our team in 2021 which I want to represent a bit later to you guys.

Q6.Why did you choose CoinEx? Will there be any other deep cooperation in the future?

Artur: Because we strongly believe that CoinEx is the most underrated cryptocurrency exchange in the world right now and it could be larger than Binance in near future. We are more than happy to be CoinEx partner in it’s media campaign to Russian market.

Q7.Let’s talk about another issue that concerns the community.What is YUSRA’s future development plan and target?

Artur: First, let me share a new Road Map for 2021 which will be published on our website in few days:

So, as I told previously, we have a new main goal on top of current development stages for other domains — we decide to create a new modern and technology blockchain and swap YUSRA tokens inside it. It will be a YUSRA blockchain with a minimum of 1 000 TPS up to 1 000 000 TPS, smart-contracts, dApps, and sharding technology inside and YUSRA coin will be an epicenter of all of this.

Q8.Last but not the least is a popular topic recently. DeFi is without doubt one of the hottest topics these days. What do you think about DeFi and how will Yusra integrate to it?

Artur: On February 15th we are gonna release YUSRA DER1 (derivative) inside yusra global platform. It’s not a DeFi, but a very interesting offer for our investors. Check our social media for upcoming news regarding that domain. As for DeFi, our new blockchain will be a possibility to create DeFi Smart-contracts and we are gonna build a bridge between our blockchains and others.

Questions from AMA Stage 2:

In which countries is YUSRA pay available?

Artur: YUSRA PAY is available in terms of mobile phone bills deposits for more than 100 counties, almost WORLDWIDE. However, there are some conditions (minimal withdraw 20$ etc) from mobile operators side. As for other bills — it’s only working for CIS area (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus etc) but we working on worldwide format

Regulations are very important. Projects are closed in many countries for failing to meet proper regulations and permits. How do you handle this problem to be represented worldwide?

Artur: We almost finished registration process of YUSRA GLOBAL company in the United Kingdom. In the middle of Q2 it will be live and all transactions and services will be completely legal.

Where did the idea of the name YUSRA come from? What is story behind this name?

Artur: YUSRA, according to the concept is an abbreviation — Your unique system of real assets. However there is a 2nd meaning — YUSRA is an Arabic name, which can be translated as rich, prosperity.

Marketing is the nucleus of every project because everyone knows the energy that a project can bring when it reaches its set goals. What is the strategy to attract more users and investors to buy YUSRA and keep YUSRA in the long term?

Artur: We will participate in the worldwide exhibition Blockchain Life 2021 on 21st–22nd of April as a Platinum sponsor. At this event we gonna represent our new blockchain , lottery and evolution of our existing services.

In the context of the current bear market. What are the challenges you think YUSRA will face in 2021 and next year?

Artur: We got an economical model: every halving decrease staking revenue for 10% but PRICE increases for 11,1%. On 01.09.19 it was $1, now its about $4.

What is your plan regarding marketing and new listing? Specially Asia has the biggest market. What plans do you have on it?

Artur: To be honest at this moment we are more than happy with our current exchange stack. But if our Asian community gonna grow and ask us for new listing, we will be more than happy to do so.

Can you tell what YUSRA feature you like the most, so that it can compete with other competitors? What are you most confident about for your platform?

Artur: Our confidence is based on our market history. From $1 to $4+ and 95% of the time it has a stable growth. Only November-December 2020 were shaking, but now demand is stable as always. Here is a small insight — we got a crazy demand for DER1 derivative and amount of tokens will be much less then YUSRA circulation supply which could be swapped into it. Main presentation gonna be in this week, follow our social media.

How does your staking model work? And do you encourage your users to do staking?

Artur: Our stacking system is based on 3 factors:

1st — amount of tokens

2nd — number of holding days

3rd — your place inside the node and the amount of tokens that joined after you.

You can have from 1,8% up to 6% monthly at this moment.

Find more info inside our wallet. We have translated whole site to 5 languages — Chinese , English , German, Turkish and Russian.


YUSRA Global is a young cryptocurrency that has managed to achieve high results in only 1,5 year of existence. YUSRA Global cryptocurrency community is represented in many countries of the world and is actively continuing its expansion into new markets — in particular, active promotion in South America, Asia and China is in the immediate plans.




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