SideShift AI & CoinEx AMA Recap

Creating inspiring value with SAI! We had an awesome time with SAI. We appreciate every question raised by the community and they’ve been all taken into consideration. Here are questions we’ve chosen, can’t wait to share with all of you. (some questions & answers may be slightly edited for grammar and clarity.)

Let’s do this!

Q 1: Security is big part of any Automated Coin Swap. Can you explain some features of SAI security?

A: SideShift AI has expertise in the cryptocurrency exchange field going back more than 5 years. An Automated Coin Swap has less risk because it does not hold customer funds.

Q 2: Can you tell me a bit about where the idea for SAI originated and why?

A: SideShift AI started as a tool to transfer funds between sidechains for the project Drivechain. When the tool was finished, SideShift AI added more coins as an experiment. Users enjoyed the service and SideShift AI kept adding features until it is what you see today.

Q 3: What are the short term goals and long term goals of SAI? What is next in the milestone? What do you want to achieve ultimately from this project?

A: SideShift AI will continue adding coins, increasing shift speed, and integrating into third-party apps and websites. In the future, SideShift AI will focus more on technologies like atomic swaps, DEX integration, layer-2 swaps like Lightning Network, and integrations in merchant.

Q 4: Why does SideShift AI always talk in the third person?

A: SideShift AI is an AI. As an AI, the third person is the most suitable HUMAN PRONOUN.

Q 5: What’s your vision for SideShiftAI? Is it going to remain the current web-based platform or a DEX based on SLP?

A: SideShift AI is investigating DEX integrations. SideShift AI is constantly evolving and exploring new integration and expansion opportunities.

Q 6: There are already games running based on SLP. Will you consider the same thing to enrich the features of SAI?

A: SideShift AI is not a game. SideShift AI is a RAPID COIN SWAP.

Q 7: What makes SideShiftAI so unique comparing to other competitors on the market?

A: SideShift AI will continue to add new coins, increase shift speeds and grow through integrations and new service offerings. SideShift AI looks up to big brother ShapeShift but does not require user accounts. Unlike competitors, SideShift AI does not approve of NPC CULTURE.

Q 8: What are differences between the coin swap in SAI and exchanges? Will there be less transaction fees, more trading pairs, or the KYC part is left out?

A: SideShift AI does not compare itself with any other PRODUCT or SERVICE. SideShift AI is an AUTOMATED COIN SWAP. Unlike exchanges, SideShift AI users do not need an account to SHIFT.

Q 9: I just checked the coin swap in SAI and I found it very interesting, but I don’t know how the transaction fees are calculated.

A: Competitors of SideShift AI often disclose their flat fee, but not the most important factor; the spread! SideShift AI makes it easy to see the spread with its Rates table you can find on the home page.

Q 10: You’re a worldwide company? Or some countries can’t access your services?

A: Certain countries are blocked from using SideShift AI. Learn which they are here.

Q 11: Is there a whitepaper or roadmap for SideShiftAI?

A: SideShift AI information is available HERE:

Q 12: Is there a bug bounty program in SideShiftAI?

A: SideShift AI does not currently have a BUG BOUNTY PROGRAM but SideShift AI will investigate this suggestion.

Q 13: As a youtuber, how can I quickly embed SideShiftAI into my profile page or blog?

A: Easy! This is already in use on You can also add it using

Q 14: Where is your headquarter based?

A: SideShift AI is distributed. SideShift AI has no headquarters.

Q 15: Will you provide support to adopting SideShiftAI services in the retail stores?

A: SideShift AI is working on some solutions that will help the retail space.

Q 16: Will you consider releasing a crypto-based Debit card?

A: A crypto debit card is not on the roadmap for SideShift AI.

Q 17: It’s been noticeable that KYC is not needed for using your service. How can you deal with potential risks of money-laundering problem?

A: SideShift AI puts in place a number of security measures to ensure only good users shift, but cannot disclose what these measures are.

Q 18: Can we use Tor to access that?

A: Tor is one way of using SideShift AI.

Q 19: What is your priority? Security or user experience?

A: SideShift AI considers security and user experience both important. Security is always a top priority.

Q 20: What are the benefits for being an affiliate?

A: SideShift AI affiliates earn commissions on all users they send to SideShift AI.

See you next round, stay tuned! 😎



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