Sponsoring Crypto Conferences: CoinEx Continues to Empower the Blockchain World

Consensus 2022, an annual crypto feast, was recently concluded. The 3-day crypto carnival ended in Austin, the capital of Texas and a vibrant city that never sleeps.

As a sponsor of the conference, CoinEx, the world-renowned crypto exchange under ViaBTC, met with over 15,000 crypto enthusiasts around the world to discuss trending topics such as Web 3, DeFi, and the metaverse, starting a brainstorm that focused on the future development of the blockchain world.

Consensus is hosted by Coindesk, a big-name blockchain media company. Since the success of the first conference in 2015, Consensus has attracted blockchain practitioners, investors, and droves of crypto believers from all over the world for joint discussions about the future of the industry.

The conference invited a strong lineup of distinguished guests, including senior government officials such as Deputy Secretary of the US Treasury Wally Adeyemo, former US presidential and NYC mayoral candidate Andrew Yang, and Austin Mayor Steve Adler, as well as industry leaders like Binance CEO CZ, FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, and Coindesk CEO Mr. Kevin Worth.

Over 500 speakers discussed a wide range of trending topics, including the potential and risks of DAOs, the foundation of the metaverse, and cryptocurrencies in wars together with 15,000 attendees. Many felt excited about the huge amount of information put forward by elites and experts during the day.

To help participants ease up, Krypital Group, together with co-organizers that include CoinEx and ArkStream, hosted Crypto Poker Night simultaneously with Consensus 2022. As night fell in Austin, with poker games, delicious food, alcohol and music parties in a pleasant atmosphere, was sure to make attendees have experienced the charm of this vibrant city that never sleeps.

As a company that operates in all blockchain categories, together with NEW BLOC, ViaBTC also co-hosted NEW BLOC NIGHT, which was also the opening cocktail party of Consensus 2022. In addition, industry insiders including CoinEx & ViaBTC Ambassador Adam Chastain, ZKSpace Director of Business Development Mattias Borg, and FlashMining Founder & CEO Jackey Lin engaged in fantastic roundtable discussions and offered their views on trending topics like “Crypto Mining and Carbon Emissions: Trends in Crypto Mining”, “Decentralization vs. Centralization”, and “Web3 is What Young People Yearn For: What are the new opportunities?”.

As a world-leading all-inclusive mining pool and also a staunch advocate of mining with clean energy, ViaBTC gave its views on crypto mining and carbon emissions that technological progress will address all such concerns. ViaBTC Pool has always been looking for technical solutions to energy sustainability in the field of crypto mining. In addition, it is also working with institutions such as QITALE, a mining organization from Minnesota, USA that uses water energy, and SAI.TECH, an operator of clean computing power.

Though the annual crypto carnival of Austin Blockchain week has ended, the development of the blockchain world still requires the joint efforts of crypto believers from all over the world. Meanwhile, ViaBTC will also remain dedicated to the blockchain space. Relying on cutting-edge Fintech, ViaBTC aims to facilitate blockchain progress and build a better future via blockchain, thereby realizing its mission — Via Bitcoin, Making the World a Better Place.