The Holi CoinEx Logo Contest Rounded off, CoinEx Celebrates Holi Together with Indian Users

Holi, also known as the festival of colors, is an important traditional festival in India that marks the start of a new year. During the festival, people throw red powders and water-filled balloons on each other to celebrate the new year and welcome the arrival of spring.

To celebrate Holi and spend the new year with Indian users, CoinEx has hosted the “Colours of CoinEx” Logo Contest through its Tweeter account from March 16 to 21. The exchange invited its Indian users to paint creative CoinEx Logos using colored powers, discovering the breath and colors of spring together.

The “Colours of CoinEx” event was well-received among crypto users in India and has attracted many crypto enthusiasts since day one. The contestants tapped into elements including the local traditions and cultural customs of India and presented plenty of uniquely creative drawings.

The Logo Contest has ended. According to data from CoinEx’s Twitter account, the event received over 300 entries from Indian users, which has also become a hot topic in the Indian crypto market. Through the Logo Contest, CoinEx not only received the colors of spring from this country but also built closer ties with its Indian users.

After the contest is over, CoinEx selected the 3 best entries through internal voting and randomly selected 20 lucky winners who will share a prize pool of 8,500 CET. Here are some of the outstanding entries of the contest:

It should be noted that the Logo Contest not only built a bridge enabling closer communication between CoinEx and Indian users but also created an opportunity to encourage a growing number of Indian crypto enthusiasts to embark on a crypto adventure with CoinEx. Together, the exchange will grow with its Indian users in the new year and explore more possibilities in the crypto space.

As its application ecosystem and product family continues to expand, CoinEx strives to provide improved one-stop crypto trading services that promise more satisfying user experiences and build an all-inclusive product ecosystem. Available in 16 languages, CoinEx now offers secure, stable and reliable crypto trading services for 3 million users in more than 200 countries and regions, enabling the fast circulation and secure transaction of users’ assets around the world.

While building a global presence, CoinEx has always prioritized products, services and user experiences, and remained committed to product development and the user-first principle. Focusing on the product experiences and feedback of users in India, one of its key markets, the exchange seeks to offer more benefits and rewards to them through CoinEx events, thereby improving user engagement and product experiences. During its globalized market operations in the future, CoinEx will continue to join hands with Indian users on a crypto adventure and provide more benefits, as well as improved user experiences.



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