The TON Public Chain Ecosystem

3 min readMay 27, 2024

TON coin is independent of Telegram, even though the messaging app endorses this ecosystem. What’s more, TON (rebranded to The Open Network) is a layer-1 blockchain that’s directly compatible with Telegram. However, unlike its predecessor, The Open Network is a separate entity from the messaging app. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what The Open Network is all about.

Introducing TON Public Chain

TON (The Open Network) Public Chain is an open-source crypto platform that’s home to several blockchain-based projects. This network provides developers with the perfect environment to create blockchain solutions at level 2. The Open Network marketplace has everything from wallets and exchanges to games and staking apps.

The Open Network was originally developed by the Telegram team to offer users a chance to embrace and create dApps on their platform, but the company had a run-in with the SEC. After the lawsuit, Telegram abandoned the code, but its loyal community continued to work on it.

For a long time, the company never commented, up until recently when the CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, took to X and endorsed it. He included a link to the TON coin community.

Luckily, the endorsement ended a long-standing rivalry between two teams that took on the original code and launched separate blockchains: EverScale and Toncoin. Both of these tokens are listed on CoinEx and several other exchanges.

The Future of TON Public Chain

Toncoin is set to follow in the footsteps of the previous TON project without any direct connection to the parent company, Telegram. And since Telegram handed over the ownership rights to, Telegram no longer has any control over the Toncoin ecosystem.

With the endorsement of the Telegram CEO, the native coin TON is set to make its mark in the overall crypto market. As to why Durov chose Toncoin over EverScale, speculators believe that it’s because EverScale made significant technical changes to its code.

That essentially eliminates EverScale’s connection to the telegram project. EverScale chose to switch to the Rust implementation of the network.

Without a doubt, the future of this coin is quite bright. It’s expected that as the team continues to improve the network, more and more developers will join in. That will inherently give the Toncoin more bullish power to soar even higher.

Should I Buy Toncoin On CoinEx?

TON token has had a successful launch and has been instrumental in the development of blockchain technology. As the popularity of the TON network continues to grow, this coin will also gain significant upward momentum.

And thanks to its compatibility with Telegram, the blockchain network can easily leverage an already active user base, that is, Telegram users. With that in mind, if you’d like to be involved in this new phase of the TON network, you can easily purchase your TON tokens on CoinEx.

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