To In5inity and Beyond, the Future With You: CoinEx Invites You to Its Fifth Anniversary Celebration

For CoinEx and its users, every December is a time of celebration and reunion. This year, CoinEx will soon celebrate its fifth anniversary on December 24, kicking off another carnival together with users.

Looking back on what happened in the crypto market during 2022, we are impressed by its drastic changes. During the past five years, CoinEx has gained a foothold in the crypto world and kept growing. For the exchange, five years is not just a milestone but also marks the beginning of a new adventure. The vast ocean awaits us. Instead of being content with what it already achieved, CoinEx will go beyond its past achievements and forge a crypto future with infinite possibilities for its users. To that end, CoinEx will keep chasing the tides of the crypto ocean together with users and embark on the next five-year journey, which promises more possibilities.

To thank all users for their continued support, CoinEx has planned a series of fifth-anniversary giveaway events under the theme of “To In5inity and Beyond, the Future With You”. All users around the world are welcome to our fifth-anniversary celebration events, which feature huge rewards and amazing gifts. Together, let’s put a perfect end to CoinEx’s 2022 along its crypto journey.

1. Post photos about CoinEx’s fifth anniversary to win CET rewards

During the event (December 9 to 16, 2022), users can follow CoinEx’s SNS accounts and post anniversary photos (e.g., cakes, paintings, etc.) or anniversary blessings to win rewards of up to 5,000 CET!

2. Join CoinEx’s SNS events to win tickets to the offline anniversary party

During the anniversary celebration, users can join CoinEx’s SNS events to win tickets to the offline anniversary party, which will be hosted from December 10 to December11. At the party, you can meet up with fellow CoinEx users to discuss crypto movements and pass on the joy of the exchange’s fifth anniversary.

At the party, you can also talk with the CoinEx team via video call and learn about the future plans of the exchange! Moreover, you can also enjoy user-exclusive benefits including cakes, wines, and cash rewards.

3. Make themed videos and repost anniversary news to win huge rewards

From December 24, 2022 to January 8, 2023, users can post their anniversary videos themed “To In5inity and Beyond, the Future With You” on SNS platforms according to official requirements to participate in our assessment and win huge CET rewards (a prize pool of over 500,000 CET)!

Additionally, during the event, users can also share CoinEx-related news or anniversary posts on SNS platforms according to official requirements to win amazing CET rewards.

4. Anniversary Celebration plus Christmas Giveaway: A perfect end to CoinEx’s 2022 along its crypto journey

Apart from our anniversary rewards, we have also planned a series of Christmas giveaway events: Users can post the best Christmas gift they’ve received or their Christmas wish on SNS platforms according to official requirements, and CoinEx will fulfill the Christmas wish of the lucky users as their exclusive Santa.

At the same time, during the anniversary celebration, CoinEx will also airdrop cash rewards from time to time in its social media groups. Join one of our social media groups now, and you will be able to collect requirement-free anniversary benefits without having to participate in any events.

Limited-edition NFTs and other amazing rewards are waiting, yet the quantity is fixed. So don’t forget to follow CoinEx’s official website and its official SNS accounts to find out more surprises. CoinEx welcomes all users to its fifth-anniversary carnival. Together, we will go beyond the past and venture into a brighter crypto future.



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