Wowoo & CoinEx AMA Recap

Question 1: What do you think are the differences between Quora and Wowoo? Is it a decentralized version of Quora?

Question 2: Wowoo concept remind me of Steemit, which is the blockchain version of Medium. Both are designed to generate valuable contents. What’s the aspiration to start Wowoo project?

Question 3: Where can I use Wowbit and why should we invest on Wowbit?

Question 4: Do you plan to add NFC or any AR feature to enable Wower contact wirelessly, like AR feature Nintendo did on 3DS?

Question 5: How do you define “value”? Is there any standard for Wower?

Question 6: Saying that I’m a tour guide and I’ve got some spare time, how can I use Wowoo and help people with my specialization?

Question 7: Does Wowbit count as the token of Wowoo?

Question 8: Which kind of stage Wowoo is developing now?

Question 9: Is Wowoo an ICO platform? Who are the clients of your platform and what are the advantages of your platform compared to others?

Question 10: Do you have any plans on implementing Wowoo on the retails store in Japan?

Question 11: Where did you see Wowoo in 2022? Why?

Question 12: Why did Wowoo project pick NEO technology instead of ERC 20?

Question 13: How does Wowoo secure data from your users? Will it be like Snapchat? Who has access to users’ data on your platform?

Question 14: Wowoo is based in Japan or Singapore? Is there any marketing strategic to enlarge Wowoo community globally?



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