Wowoo & CoinEx AMA Recap

Creating inspiring value with Wowoo! This Monday morning, we had an awesome time with Wowoo. From all the genuine questions we’ve collected, we’ll take them into consideration. We hate to do this everytime, choices are always hard to make. Here are questions we’ve chosen, can’t wait to share with all of you.(some questions may be edited slightly for grammar and readability.)

Let’s do this!

A: Wowoo aims to build an ecosystem which is based on token economy, we are not so much of a SNS in that terms. Our business model is rather a platform which enables people who wishes to join the crypto space and for example design their new token and raise funds, to connect people who are willing to contribute to these new projects.

A: In addition to above, since I come from a background of preserving our environmental nature, I wanted Wowoo to become a place of supporting people with good hearts. You hear blockchain this, and blockchain that everywhere, but I had to question which one of these would really contribute to changing our society for the better. Therefore, the concept within the Wowoo community is to create new values based on its contribution potential to our society.

A: Good question. Since Wowoo will become one community, which will support many projects and people who are willing to support, Wowbit (WWB) will be working as a lubricant inside the community. For example, you would be able to make payments inside some of the paid contents inside our platform, or contribute to a project with WWB. We are also currently working on developing other use cases which you could make payments in WWB.

The most important of all is the Smart Active Control (SAC) function. This feature will be developed in our mainnet, once this is ready, we will be able to provide people to use WWB not only as a mean of payment, anyone with a smartphone could build smart contracts or set rights condition very easily. We believe the problem with current development of a blockchain is that its requirements are too high, and most of ordinary people would have no idea of how to make them valuable to their lives. SAC will enable people to design smart contracts in WWB for anyone to use in different use cases.

A: Recently we have made a partnership with a project called “Goen” , which is a blockchain project of entertainment sector. Together with them we will be developing different dApps which will support AR and all these new techs.

A: At the moment, the team (including) decides together which project seems to expect creating new type of value. When we say “value”, we mean a contents that are not necessarily credit towards its potential.

In the future when our platform is up, we believe pretty much anyone can become a Wower, as anyone in the world have something interesting. It‘s just up to them wanting to share it or not, or even have it related to blockchain

A: Inside the Wowoo platform, we intend to develop several features. However, the main parties are the Contents Provider, and the Contributor.

If you come up with a good idea of accelerating your guiding job with blockchain, maybe you can issue a new token with our platform and spread it inside the community. You will be able to develop not only tokens, but simple white papers, smart contracts, find business partners, reach out to community members from different industry, etc.

On the other hand, as a contributor, you may search different types of project which may be interesting to iterate in your work. You could find project owners which may be seeking for matching opportunity with your talent, etc.

A: Yes, Wowbit is the native token of our community. As we are supporting many projects (over 10 projects with contract), each will have its own token, but there will be interesting tie-ups between the project and WWB in the future.

A: We have developed the beta version of the platform for the use of a contracted customers. This month, we intend to release the first version of our platform for people to actually see it. There will be more developments made during the year, very soon people can generate tokens and white papers in the platform, search business partners, etc. Stay tuned!

A: Yes, in one extent you may call it an ICO platform, but it’s more than that. Currently most of our clients our publicly listed companies or their group companies from around the world. Japan, Taiwan, Canada. We are supporting projects in sector of for example: medication, donation, gold mining, sports, food & beverages, music, etc.

The benefits of using our platform is mainly from the community potential, and the technical support we aim to offer. Since we work with many trustworthy

companies, project owners may be able to reach out to new contributors which they may have never come across of.

We also are developing exchanges, and other tools (like SAC, blockchain phone, etc) so that is something that others cant provide.

A: It’s still confidential but we are currently under discussion with a very large retailing company in Japan. This will be a huge impact as their products are beloved all over Asia.

A: 2020 is said to be an important year across the world. For example, Olympics in Japan. Now as the world is getting smaller, the internet, blockchain, AI and all these new techs are re-directing us to a new society, I believe in 2 years we will be living a very different lives. Since Wowoo can welcome pretty much any kind of industry and share with people across the world, we will be leading the space in Asia. The community outruns everything.

A: We initially did start with ERC20. However, as the ETH network were getting heavier each day, we had doubts that in long term this wouldn’t work if it continued to be the same. On the other hand, since we had been working with Mr. Da Hongfei (the founder of NEO), we very much understood the technical advantages and their visions, so we decided to use NEP5 instead.

A: At the moment I will be in charge of handling them together with the Data Protecting officer of the company. The KYC data will be handled properly accordingly to the requirements of Singapore

A: Currently Singapore. We only have a partner in Japan, therefore by no means are a Japanese company.

The strategy is by making more partnership with influential institutions to bring in more users that are not so aware of blockchain yet. We will be covering more of this topics in the coming months。

There you go. All chosen questions from this week’s AMA with Wowoo. There are so many awesome questions we didn’t cover, all participants will be appreciated!

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