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Since its official launch on March 10, 2020, the CoinEx Ambassador Program has been well received in the CoinEx community. Within a month, we got applications of more than 200 industry elites from 30+ countries around the world. To better support Ambassadors in CoinEx promotion, we have organized the AMA and the first official training on this Program, which turned out a success among Ambassadors.

CoinEx Ambassadors have shown their professionalism and enthusiasm during the first period. They gave full play to their expertise to provide CoinEx with multi-faceted support. Marketing Ambassadors created abundant materials for promotion with their talent in creation and promotion. Overseas Operation Ambassadors have established local fan pages for us and set up Telegram communities in minor languages. Business Ambassadors referred to us many project developers, all yielding good feedback, and provided provide valuable insights in research reports. Referral Ambassadors also did a good job in referring users and guiding them to use the CoinEx Exchange. Thanks to their hard work, CoinEx has been known to more people and become more influential around the world.

To express our gratitude for their contributions, we distributed more than one million CET as their salary for the first month of this Program. In days to come, we will launch more Ambassador tasks to benefit more Ambassadors.

During the first period of this Program, several Ambassadors have outperformed their counterparts and are selected as the Star of Ambassadors. They are:

Star of Marketing Ambassadors:@Janice

Monthly Salary: 500USD

Janice has taken active part in the CoinEx marketing, independently created many materials for promoting CoinEx, and built and activated the CoinEx community.

Janice’s story with CoinEx: I got to know about the Bitcoin in 2017, yet I didn’t enter this field until 2019 when I translated an article about it. That job also brought me many friends in this field. I’ve heard about CoinEx on many occasions. I still remember one day an article about the Bitcoin fork went viral, and its author, CoinEx’s CEO Haipo Yang, left me deep impression. Then by accident I saw CoinEx recruiting global Ambassadors. I applied, without expecting anything, and later was approved. What a surprise! Fresh as I am in CoinEx, I love this community: everyone is taking their job seriously, the technology and products are great, the company is also running in good order and the team is powerful yet low-key. I’m always happy to share things I love, and since I like CoinEx so much, I have every reason to take this opportunity to share it with more people.

Star of Business Ambassadors: @Aladdin

Monthly Salary: 500USD

Aladdin has referred many projects to CoinEx and yielded effective feedback, and produced 3 research reports, all insightful and quality, on topics such as industry development and stable cryptocurrency.

Aladdin’s story with CoinEx: Aladdin team has been working in the blockchain field for many years with influential self-media channels, and has rich cooperation resources. Becoming an ambassador of CoinEx can give full play to our advantages and help increase CoinEx’s research capabilities in the fields of project research and industry analysis. In addition, we are also happy to connect our business resources to CoinEx to achieve a win-win situation for all parties.

Star of Operation Ambassadors: @Aravinth M

Monthly Salary: 500USD

Aravinth M has established CoinEx’s Indian community and actively interacted with members, cooperated with CoinEx to hold AMA events, and promoted CoinEx by publishing CoinEx teaching videos on his YouTube channels and blogs.

Aravinth’s story with CoinEx: I am Aravinth, crypto trader and YouTuber from India. I started to use CoinEx Exchange two years ago, and I was happy to use CoinEx’s website and mobile application due to user-friendly product experience and low transaction fee and also we gets friendly customer support from telegram admins. And CoinEx have all trading features and lending, etc.. So I always only support for CoinEx. Now I am one of the CoinEx Ambassador and very happy to work with CoinEx.

Star of Referral Ambassadors: @Coin919

Accumulated Commissions: 100,000+ CET

Coin919 has opened the banner position on Coin919 official website to guide traffic to CoinEx Exchange, and referred quality users, of whom the transaction rate reached 37.5%.

Coin919’s story with CoinEx: Coin919 is a quantitative software developed in 2017 that allows users to participate in quantification without programming and enhances the profitability of ordinary users in the secondary market. Long ago CoinEx impressed us with its strength, technology and innovation, and we became even more confident about it since talks with persons from this company at the World Blockchain Conference in Wuzhen. Coin919 and CoinEx hit it off straight away in cultivating users into professionals, and reached a cooperation intention. This cooperation is a triple win as CoinEx receives more users and their transactions through Coin919’s referral, users gain trading skills and enjoy the professional services of both CoinEx and Coin919, and Coin919 gets its brand awareness enhanced.

CoinEx chooses to benefit its users and train investors through cooperation with Coin919. That is a telling proof of its commitment to serving users. We have every confidence that CoinEx will embrace a brighter future.

Congratulations to these Stars of Ambassadors! Take them as the model, and you will be the next star!

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